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Vidéo : « Je ne suis pas un politicien, je suis un businessman, un dioula … » – Regardez.

2017-01-22T22:24:04+00:00813 Partages

Dans une interview accordée à la Tfm, le président gambien Adama Barrow a déclaré qu’il n’est pas un politicien, mais un commerçant…


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  • yewouleen
    23/01/2017 02:28

    Mr,the president Adama Barrow this for you and the Gambiens people’s ya need to do sacrifices killing animals Kaw,goat,cheep ext… the biggers to the smallers and cook to feat and help the poor people’s in Gambia specially these who lives in the country side the little island and really do some prayers to thank Allah for the outcome of the situations in Gambia ya really need to thank God for the peace that he have granted the Gambiens and Senegalese that have save lots off lives and money this will help you to do you jobs like no president have done so and really keep the peace in Gambia for a longtime I wish you all of the best may God bless Gambia all Gambien have to say that all the times may God bless Gambia may God bless Gambia that a good pray dnt you gars see the American they say it with a pride learn from them

  • demba
    23/01/2017 08:39

    Arrêtez vous les satan, il n’y a jamais parlé d’ethnie: ni jola ni sérére ni madeng, satan que vous êtes.

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